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Fraudulent certificates deemed invalid

The Government announced today the COVID-19 vaccination medical exemption certificates issued by seven private doctors will not be accepted and will be deemed invalid from October 12.   According to the information provided by Police, the seven private doctors are involved in its arrest operations to date for allegedly abusing the issuance of medical exemption certificates. The legal proceedings are ongoing for some of those cases.   The Government pointed out that according to the eHealth records, the seven private doctors have issued in total over 20,000 medical exemption certificates which are still within the validity period, accounting for more than half of the medical exemption certificates that are still valid.   It has reasonable grounds to suspect that the private doctors concerned did not properly follow the Department of Health’s guidelines when issuing the medical exemption certificates.   In this regard, the Government will no longer accept the medical exemption ce

8.97m vaccine doses administered

About 8,972,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered to the public, with about 4,587,700 people receiving their first dose and around 4,384,300 getting their second dose.   Among those given the first dose of vaccines, about 1,668,100 people have received the Sinovac jab and about 2,919,700 people got the BioNTech one.   For the second dose, about 1,600,000 people have received the Sinovac vaccine, while about 2,784,300 people have been administered the BioNTech jab.   About 14,100 people received jabs under the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme today.   Around 1,500 people received their first dose of the Sinovac vaccine and around 3,800 people received their second dose.   For the BioNTech vaccine, about 3,100 people received their first dose and around 5,800 people got their second dose.   The overall percentage of people who received the Sinovac vaccine at community vaccination centres is about 95%, while it is about 87% for the BioNTech one.   As of midnight, three people were sent to hospital.

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