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Chan Kwok-ki, Algernon Yau in quarantine

​Director of Chief Executive’s Office Chan Kwok-ki and Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development (designate) Algernon Yau are undergoing quarantine in accordance with the Centre for Health Protection’s guidelines, the Government said today.   They were identified as close contacts after an assessment by the centre, as Mr Chan’s wife and a friend of Mr Yau had tested preliminary positive for COVID-19.    Both men have regularly conducted COVID-19 rapid antigen tests and the results have been negative. They also tested negative after conducting a COVID-19 rapid antigen test today.

Support to electoral staff given

Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip and Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Erick Tsang inspected polling stations today to give support to civil service colleagues who are busy preparing for the 2021 Legislative Council General Election.   The election will be held tomorrow and around 38,000 civil servants have been assigned by various departments to carry out important electoral duties.   Mr Nip visited the polling station and the counting station at the Convention & Exhibition Centre, saying colleagues should do their best, remain highly vigilant, take extra steps and work together to make the election a success.   He also appealed to all voters, in particular civil service colleagues, to cast their votes tomorrow to elect members of the new term of LegCo for Hong Kong's future.   He said the election is of great significance as it is the first LegCo General Election after the electoral system has been improved and the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong” has been implemented.   To secure adequate manpower, the Government has for the first time assigned suitable serving civil service colleagues to work as electoral staff in different ranks and categories. It is also an obligatory duty and important mission for our colleagues to undertake electoral tasks, he added.   In accordance with the Civil Service Regulation, the Secretary for the Civil Service had earlier given instructions to civil service colleagues assigned by heads of departments to take up electoral duties in the LegCo General Election with a view to ensuring the smooth conduct of the election.   To facilitate polling staff to cast their votes, the Government has adopted various measures including a priority queue for polling staff and transport arrangements so that they can return to work after casting their votes as soon as possible.   Mr Tsang inspected the polling stations at North Point Community Hall and St Anna Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten in Quarry Bay this morning to get updates on the preparatory work for the election tomorrow and rehearsal sessions for electoral staff.   He also visited the central counting station and Election Committee constituency polling station at the Convention & Exhibition Centre to observe the training and practice sessions with simulated scenarios for staff.   He thanked all electoral staff for their efforts in carrying out the preparatory work, and reminded them to adhere to the principles of high efficiency, humanity and safety when implementing electoral arrangements, with a view to conducting the election in a fair, open and honest manner, while ensuring a smooth process of ballot paper issuing and polling so as to shorten the waiting time of electors as far as possible.   While visiting the central counting station, he reminded staff to perform every counting procedure against the clock in order to confirm the results as soon as possible.   Mr Tsang again urged all electors to cast their votes tomorrow to elect the new term of LegCo members who are patriotic and dedicated to serving Hong Kong citizens.

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