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FS paves way to green, digital future

A number of initiatives and measures aimed at accelerating high-quality development were announced in today’s 2024-25 Budget, with the Government emphasising a move towards a green future and digitalisation.   Explaining that high-quality development spurs ongoing economic innovation and growth whilst conserving the natural environment, Financial Secretary Paul Chan said Hong Kong must pursue opportunities through leveraging its advantages under “one country, two systems”, namely those of enjoying strong support at a national level and being closely connected to other parts of the world.   He stressed that green development involves huge business opportunities and financing needs, as governments and businesses around the world pursue carbon neutrality and green transformation. In addition, he said digitalisation has become a new driving force for economic development, empowering enterprises to enhance efficiency, boost their competitiveness and achieve new growth.   Introdu

15 building plans approved in Jan

The Buildings Department approved 15 building plans in December - two on Hong Kong Island, nine in Kowloon and four in the New Territories.   Of the approved plans, nine were for apartment and apartment-commercial developments, two were for commercial developments, one was for factory and industrial development, and three were for community services developments.   Consent was given for works to start on eight building projects which will provide 6,036 sq m of gross floor area for domestic use involving eight units and 78,691 sq m of gross floor area for non-domestic use.   The department also issued 19 occupation permits - five on Hong Kong Island, three in Kowloon and 11 in the New Territories.   Buildings certified for occupation have 220,135 sq m of gross floor area for domestic use involving 4,747 units and 57,063 sq m for non-domestic use.

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