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Testing records checked

The Government today completed a joint enforcement operation at Block 12 of Richland Gardens in Kowloon Bay, which was earlier included in a compulsory testing notice.   The enforcement action was conducted from around 8am to 11am by the Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Bureau together with Police and the Department of Health.   Out of the 269 people whose records were checked, three had failed to comply with the notice. They were issued with a compulsory testing order and a fixed penalty notice of $10,000.

Welfare caseload remains steady

The overall Comprehensive Social Security Assistance caseload rose slightly by four cases to 216,446 in February, remaining more or less the same as that of January, the Social Welfare Department announced today.   The total number of recipients was 303,442.   Low-earnings cases decreased 0.5% to 2,205. Permanent disability cases were down by 0.2% to 17,471 cases. Both old age cases and single parent cases dipped slightly by 0.1% to 123,593 cases and 23,660 cases.   Unemployment cases increased 0.5% to 18,550 compared with last month, representing a rise of about 47.4% compared with January 2020 when Hong Kong just started to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.   The average number of applications for unemployment cases in December 2021 to February 2022 was 443 per month, representing a decrease of 7.5% from the November 2021 to January 2022 figure.   Ill-health cases remained steady at 26,972.

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