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4 arrested for disorderly conduct

Police arrested four people after noticing that some individuals were displaying protest items that contained seditious wordings, chanting and committing unlawful acts in the vicinity of Causeway Bay since the afternoon of June 3.   Police announced the arrests in a statement and explained that upon investigation, they arrested the four individuals on suspicion of disorder in public places and doing an act or acts with seditious intention.   Additionally, four other people suspected of breaching public peace were brought to the police station for further investigation.   The force stressed that they are highly concerned about people attempting to incite and provoke others to commit illegal acts that endanger national security, public order and public safety.   Apart from stepping up patrols and enhancing intelligence-gathering, Police added that they will closely monitor the situation of various districts and strive to prevent and combat crimes.

Welfare caseload remains steady

The overall Comprehensive Social Security Assistance caseload rose slightly by four cases to 216,446 in February, remaining more or less the same as that of January, the Social Welfare Department announced today.   The total number of recipients was 303,442.   Low-earnings cases decreased 0.5% to 2,205. Permanent disability cases were down by 0.2% to 17,471 cases. Both old age cases and single parent cases dipped slightly by 0.1% to 123,593 cases and 23,660 cases.   Unemployment cases increased 0.5% to 18,550 compared with last month, representing a rise of about 47.4% compared with January 2020 when Hong Kong just started to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.   The average number of applications for unemployment cases in December 2021 to February 2022 was 443 per month, representing a decrease of 7.5% from the November 2021 to January 2022 figure.   Ill-health cases remained steady at 26,972.

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