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BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference 2022

BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference (BUSINESS GOVirtual), the Hong Kong's first physical B2B "Tech x Business" event in the post-pandemic period, gathers leading IT companies and solutions providers under one roof to demonstrate their latest technologies. It is also the platform where showcases the key technological advancements for social and business engagement in the new digital era. The development of the Greater Bay Area is accorded the status of critical strategic planning in the Chinese government's blueprint, with great significance in China's initiative on innovation-driven development. Strategically held in Hong Kong, the international innovation and technology hub, BUSINESS GOVirtual serves as a communication platform for tech companies to exchange ideas, collaborate and foster partnerships. On top of the physical event, the brand new "GOVirtual OMNI," an online platform for the Expo and Conference, welcomes regional exhibitors and visito

New Street Index released

The Land Registry announced today that Compact discs for the 54th edition of the Index of Streets, House Numbers & Lots in Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Kowloon and the 23rd edition of the New Territories Lot/Address Cross Reference Table have been released.   The new edition of the Street Index features 402 amendments to the previous edition, with 20 new streets and 38 new lots, sections and subsections added.   In the latest edition of the Cross Reference Table, 1,462 amendments have been made and seven new streets and 1,023 new lots, sections and subsections have been added.   Licences for using the index and cross reference table on computer networks are also available for sale.   Order form for the purchase of the CDs and the licences can be obtained the Land Registry website.   The new Street Index and Cross Reference Table can also be browsed online.   Call 3105 0000 for enquiries.

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