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Hands-on approach to mental illness

With the aim of combatting the fear and misconceptions surrounding mental illness, Castle Peak Hospital’s Mind Space museum enables visitors to experience hallucinations, similar to the sensory experiences mentally ill patients encounter, by way of rooms that utilise virtual reality (VR) technology.   A group of secondary students recently embarked on a journey through Mind Space after registering and receiving patient wristbands. This unique mental health experience museum provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the development of psychiatric services in Hong Kong.   Displays in the museum showcase intriguing relics, including the evolution of restraints and handwritten patient records. Additionally, the students were given the opportunity to explore a mock protection room designed to provide a calming environment for patients.   Furthermore, students could learn about the scientific aspects behind the causes of mental illness at the Brain Tour zone. One of the

Rents for new public housing units set

The Housing Authority today announced that rents for 3,943 flats in five new non-standard blocks of two new public rental housing estates and two existing ones will be set at the best rent level in their respective districts.   The best monthly rent in the urban district, at $94.9 per sq m, will apply to 924 flats in Nga Tin House of Pak Tin Estate.   Tsing Yi District's best monthly rent of $91.8 per sq m will apply to 1,463 flats in Ching Ho House and Ching Lan House of Cheung Ching Estate.   Meanwhile, the best monthly rent in Tuen Mun District, at $63.1 per sq m, will apply to 684 flats in Yip Wo House of Yip Wong Estate and 872 flats in Hin Fat House of Hin Fat Estate.   Under this rent-fixing exercise, rents for over 78% of the flats are below $2,500 per month.   The authority said the rents are heavily subsidised and are inclusive of rates, management fees and maintenance costs.   Those who are allocated new flats but cannot afford the rents may request refurbished flats at lower rents or apply for assistance under the Rent Assistance Scheme, it added.

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