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CS promotes support for DC election

With only 11 days left before the District Council (DC) election, Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki and Secretary for the Civil Service Ingrid Yeung today visited the Queensway Government Offices to promote the election to colleagues and urge them to vote with family and friends on December 10.   Also joining the visit were representatives from the four civil service central consultative councils and the four major service-wide staff unions.   Mr Chan said civil servants are determined to organise a decent DC election and have encouraged colleagues to vote together with friends and relatives, so as to discharge their civic responsibility as well as support and accomodate the Government's governance.   “I have visited and talked to colleagues from various government departments in the hope of continuing to widely disseminate the important message of supporting the DC election and voting together among civil servants,” he added.   The DC geographical constituencies, inform

DC election candidates briefing held

Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) Chairman David Lok conducted a briefing tonight for the candidates of the 2023 District Council Ordinary Election on the electoral arrangements, guidelines on election-related activities and important points to note in running their electioneering activities.


The election will be held on December 10.  Polls will be conducted for all of the 44 District Council geographical constituencies (DCGCs) and 18 District Committees constituencies (DCCs), with a total of 264 seats.


There will be more than 600 DCGC ordinary polling stations, 18 DCC polling stations and a maximum of 48 dedicated polling stations for the election.


Four near boundary polling stations at two secondary schools in the vicinity of the Sheung Shui MTR Station will be set up to enable electors who reside in the Mainland or need to travel to and from the Mainland on the polling day to cast their DCGC votes.


DCGC electors will be allocated to ordinary polling stations in the vicinity of their registered addresses. The polling hours of ordinary polling stations will be from 8.30am to 10.30pm.


DCC electors will be assigned to the polling stations of the DCCs to which they belong. The polling hours will be from 8.30am to 2.30pm.


For the DCCs, after the close of polls, the polling staff will ensure that the locked and sealed ballot boxes will not be interfered with and the counting of votes will only commence until the close of polls for the DCGCs.


This will take place in an effort to avoid any possible impact to the election results for the DCGCs due to the early announcement of election results for the DCCs.


The Registration & Electoral Office will start to issue poll cards and election-related documents from November 15 onwards.


Mr Lok stressed that the EAC will strive to ensure that the election will be conducted in an open, honest and fair manner, in the same way as in the past.

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