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Northbound car travel scheme refined

The Transport Department today announced a refinement to the vehicle inspection arrangement for applications concerning Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles.   As agreed by Guangdong and Hong Kong authorities, from March 1, vehicle inspections will be exempted if the applicant and the vehicle remain unchanged when resubmitting applications for Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles within two years of passing the vehicle inspection and within the validity of the applicant’s electronic vehicle licence from Mainland authorities.   Currently, applicants for the travel scheme are required to conduct vehicle inspections at designated locations in Hong Kong.

HK artist wins manga prize

Secretary for Culture, Sports & Tourism Kevin Yeung today congratulated Hong Kong illustrator and comic artist Bonnie Pang on winning the silver award at the 17th Japan International MANGA Award with her work Chronos Express.


Mr Yeung said: “Ms Pang’s Chronos Express, with its focus on learning for self-development, has captured people’s hearts. We are thrilled to note that her work stood out from many others and is well recognised by international counterparts. The award once again proves the strong competence of Hong Kong’s creative talent.”


Ms Pang thanked the judges for their recognition. She also thanked the Hong Kong Comics Support Programme, which helps local comic artists to showcase their talent and put their works on the international stage.


Ms Pang was one of 15 comic artists selected in the programme’s second round, which was sponsored by Create Hong Kong. Besides winning the gold award and best comic story award in the programme, her work was recommended by the Hong Kong Comics & Animation Federation for participation in the Japan International MANGA Award.

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