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Northbound car travel scheme refined

The Transport Department today announced a refinement to the vehicle inspection arrangement for applications concerning Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles.   As agreed by Guangdong and Hong Kong authorities, from March 1, vehicle inspections will be exempted if the applicant and the vehicle remain unchanged when resubmitting applications for Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles within two years of passing the vehicle inspection and within the validity of the applicant’s electronic vehicle licence from Mainland authorities.   Currently, applicants for the travel scheme are required to conduct vehicle inspections at designated locations in Hong Kong.

Alert issued on bogus HKeToll SMS

The Transport Department today alerted the public to fraudulent SMS messages purportedly issued by HKeToll.


The messages contain hyperlinks HK.PCeToll[.]xyz and PC-HKeToll[.]com which lead to a fake HKeToll website seeking to deceive recipients into making payments and obtain their credit card information.


The department clarified that the SMS messages were not issued by HKeToll and the case has been reported to Police for follow-up.


It also reminded citizens that HKeToll will not send SMS messages or emails to vehicle owners with hyperlinks directing them to websites to carry out transactions. If vehicle owners wish to pay an outstanding toll online, they must log in to the HKeToll website or mobile app.


People are urged to stay alert when receiving unidentified messages, and refrain from visiting suspicious websites and disclosing personal data. Anyone who has provided personal data to such websites should contact Police.


Call 3853 7333 for HKeToll enquiries.

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