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Northbound car travel scheme refined

The Transport Department today announced a refinement to the vehicle inspection arrangement for applications concerning Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles.   As agreed by Guangdong and Hong Kong authorities, from March 1, vehicle inspections will be exempted if the applicant and the vehicle remain unchanged when resubmitting applications for Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles within two years of passing the vehicle inspection and within the validity of the applicant’s electronic vehicle licence from Mainland authorities.   Currently, applicants for the travel scheme are required to conduct vehicle inspections at designated locations in Hong Kong.

CS makes 4 wishes for HK

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Chief Secretary Chan Kwok-ki said the Government will be wholehearted in its governance in the New Year.


Speaking at the Hong Kong Well-wishing Festival 2024 in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, this morning, Mr Chan wished for the collaboration of the Government, the business sector and the community in achieving four hopes: safeguarding national security with resolute determination; drawing diverse talent with full confidence; supporting grassroots communities with joint efforts; and enhancing district governance with people's needs taken to heart.


The Chief Secretary also visited the Shenzhen Bay Control Point to learn about its preparation and operations during the Lunar New Year holidays. He was pleased to note that the various control points in Hong Kong have been generally operating in an orderly and smooth manner. 


The Shenzhen Bay Control Point and the Lo Wu Control Point are extending their service hours on specified dates during the Lunar New Year holidays for the first time, to divert cross-boundary passenger and vehicular movements more effectively. 


Mr Chan instructed all relevant departments to press ahead with the full implementation of the special boundary-crossing and relevant transport arrangements for the holidays.


He also appealed to travellers visiting Hong Kong during the Lunar New Year to plan their trips in advance to avoid departure via land boundary control points in the small hours or peak hours as well as encouraged them to stay overnight in the city for a more diverse and enriching travel experience.

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