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Govt showcases tech solutions

At the second edition of the InnoEX which started today, over 100 technology solutions, including those developed by government departments, are being showcased at the Smart Hong Kong Pavilion set up by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO).   Through interactive experiences and live demonstrations, the pavilion displays the fruitful achievements in advancing the development of innovation and technology (I&T) and smart city in Hong Kong brought about by the concerted efforts of the Government and various sectors, the OGCIO said.   Financial Secretary Paul Chan and Secretary for Innovation, Technology & Industry Professor Sun Dong visited the pavilion today. They were briefed by Government Chief Information Officer Tony Wong on how the OGCIO promotes the active adoption of I&T among government departments and works in collaboration with the local I&T sector to put forward innovative solutions, with a view to empowering public services wit

Scaffold inspections completed

The Labour Department yesterday completed a special inspection exercise targeting construction sites with large-scale bamboo scaffolds.


During the two-week exercise, the department inspected 292 construction sites across the city. It issues 256 written warnings, 195 improvement notices and six suspension notices, and initiated 14 prosecutions.


The infractions found were mainly related to unsafe bamboo scaffolding, work at height, and lifting operations.


On some bamboo scaffolds, the department detected structural defects, which it said presented a risk of collapse. Meanwhile, some contractors were found to have failed to take adequate steps, such as providing safe working platforms, or safe access and egress, to prevent workers from falling from height.


Noting that March is often a month with a higher number of fatal accidents, the department reminded contractors and employers to remain vigilant and take adequate safety measures to safeguard their employees’ safety.


To ensure work safety, contractors must also comply with requirements stipulated in the occupational safety and health legislation and the Code of Practice for Bamboo Scaffolding Safety.


Employees should also co-operate with their employers and implement safety measures, the department added.

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